Learn to Lucid Dream

The main part of Stewart Bell’s Learn to Lucid Dream project is a series of instructional videos available to watch on his “Learn to Lucid Dream” Youtube channel, which is dedicated to the teaching of lucid dreaming.

Stewart, the main composer and keys player of Citizen Cain, is also currently working on a project entitled “The Antechamber Of Being”, which includes a trilogy of concept albums. The concept is based on his long term experience as a lucid dreamer, a journey which started at 6 years old when a recurring nightmare prompted his older brother to teach him how to control his dreams (lucid dreaming).

As part of the project Stewart also chronicled this first ever experience in a storybook, entitled “The Cupboard Of Fear”, aimed at teaching children to overcome their own nightmares through lucid dreaming. The first two parts of this trilogy can be found in our shop along with the storybook and an artbook which accompanies part 2 of the trilogy.

Songs and videos relating to the trilogy of concept albums can be found on the main Citizen Cain youtube channel but are also linked in the playlist section of the Learn to Lucid Dream channel.